Variants of Backgammon

There are many variants of backgammon. Here we list some of the most well known, as well as some other curiosities.


Ace Deo means one-two. It would be like Acey-Deucey. The main differences with today’s backgammon is the lack of the second dice as well as of gammons or backgammons. The Greeks loved to play it.


It is believed to be the most exciting variant of backgammon. There are three types of Acey-Deucey: American, European, and Greek. The roll of 1 and 2 allows the player to throw the dice again.

Blocking Backgammon

In the Middle East, children are taught this game in their early childhood. It is much simpler than common backgammon and there is no hitting.


It is the only backgammon variation that allows more than two players in each match. The advantage is that anyone can leave the game if tired. The disadvantage is to come to an agreement with your crew every time you need to move.


This variant of backgammon originated in Iceland a long time ago. Players have 12 checkers instead of 15. The objective is to bear off all the checkers once all of them have been restacked.

Dutch Backgammon

The so-called Dutch variation of the game only differs from the one we know in the fact that all checkers start off the board and that until they are is at least one of them at home a player cannot hit.


Another variation taught to Middle Eastern children. It is only about bearing off.


The starting layout is: 2 checkers on the opponent’s 1 point (as back checkers in standard backgammon) and 13 other checkers at the player’s 6 point. 3 dice are used instead of 2 and there are no doubles. If a player can play none of his three numbers, he loses the game.

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