How to have a cheap tour in Hong Kong with super saving $500

Hong Kong tour is notoriously expensive, but if you know how to save money, you will have a cheap, thrifty, fun and memorable experience trip to Hong Kong.

Tips for saving money when making visa: $100

Tourist visa fee is currently USD 55 Hong Kong (around $60) but you will take a period to wait and prepare documents, while some cases do not get a visa because records have problems.

Many backpackers, who are ‘poor’ instructions of backpacking and cheap Hong Kong tour, recommend hiring a full-service travel company or service company specializing in visa. Package costs are $95 rapidly and less risky.

Depending on the economic possibility that you choose one of two ways to do the visa. You do it by yourself can save $35, but the majority of tourists choose package service.

Share how to save money when eating, playing, sleeping in Hong Kong: $150

One of the ways to save money for hotels when traveling backpacking, cheap and cheerful in Hong Kong that you should book room before travel, book as soon as possible and should reserve through the online hotel booking websites … especially those of you travel backpacking Hong Kong first time.

However, experience of cheap tour in Hong kong for super savings with $500 recommends that you should stay at affordable motels or guest house with the bunk bed, especially when you go alone. Reference price for this room type is approximately $ 20 – $ 30 / person / night. Or you can stay in a single room at cost of less than $20 / person / night. Additional surcharges, service, cleanup is about $55 / person / 2 nights.

Like other expensive activities, eating while traveling in Hong Kong is a challenge for tourists. However, the Hong Kong phượt professional players have a word of advice, guidance phượt, backpacker Hong Kong super savings of 10 million is you should go to the dining center, or enjoy street food to cost savings and eating just enjoy culinary richness of Hong Kong.